Amanda BrandonBased in Oxford, Mississippi, Amanda Brandon has more than 13 years of experience as a marketing communications writer and brand journalist. This writer knows how to help you shine on the page and screen. 

My work has involved a major academic healthcare brand development and launch, a national PR campaign, and multi-channel content strategy and development for contractors, real estate investors, business coaches, pizzeria owners, restaurants, financial planners, high tech companies and even a few nonprofits. I hold a bachelor’s degree in journalism and PR from The University of Mississippi.


It’s the stories that connect people to your message, product or cause. Whether it’s the history of a grand opera house or how your product made a company successful, this storyteller brings the story to life. Gained 

Gained National Media Attention

Conducted national media campaign for the U.S. Pizza Team that resulted in 100+ news articles and multiple television appearances including the Best Damned Sports Show Period!, Ellen, Life & Style, Nickelodeon and Cold Pizza on Fox Sports. Rumor has it, I’m also in the documentary Pizza: The Movie. I’ve seen a few clips on the trailer. Watch it here to see how much fun PR can be.

Email Pro

When people ask me what I do all day, some days my response is, “I write e-mails. All day.” Not to my mom, but campaigns, newsletters, sales nurturing to help you convey brilliance. Plus, I’ve written my fair share of landing pages, video scripts and online display ads to complete the message. 

Editorial Drill Sergeant

I spent three years managing editorial content for two international pizza trade publications online and offline. I spent another half-decade managing communications for a major academic healthcare brand and a leading software company.  I’ve edited books, ebooks, web seminars, audio scripts, courses and a number of newsletters and articles. I can help you find the holes and adjust the tone to go from “getting there” to relevant and memorable.

For a Good Cause

Every professional should support the good causes trying to save the world. I worked in this area as a marketing rep and writer. Still do. I’ve managed a blog on nonprofit marketing (now defunct), edited a nonprofit newsletter and served on the communications team at my church.

Miss Details

Every marketer loves a well-executed event. Not everyone has time for all the communications. I’ve planned dozens of events and the communications that make them successful. My experience includes trade shows, career fairs, brand launch, donor recognition, symposiums, recruitment events and receptions.

Call Me Casper

Ghostwriter extraordinaire. I’ve written numerous ebooks/books on topics ranging from selecting the right beach wedding dress to getting rich at real estate to finding the motivation to accomplish your dreams. Throw your internet marketing and content nurturing programs right this way.

Engaging, Online Conversation Starter for Hire

Generating conversations, blogging, finding ideas for your followers and friends is a favorite pastime for this writer. I’ve helped companies raise their Google rankings by as much as 30% and increased traffic to several blogs by upwards of 50%. It’s all about listening and sharing your stories.

Pro Polisher

I love helping professionals and entrepreneurs find their “what you do” because it matters. I offer a service called Pro Polish, where I help you polish up your job or project search – resumes, LinkedIn profiles, professional portfolio, cover letters and proposals. Let a pro polish up your writing so you can do what you do best. Find out more

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